Sing for your Heart

Sing, donate, nominate!

Sing for your Heart is a social media campaign, raising money to fund Heart Research UK’s pioneering work in medical research and training.
Ground-breaking medical research has helped 7 million people in the UK live with cardiovascular disease, but still 70,000 people die from coronary heart disease every year and more research is needed. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer and more medical research is needed to help people live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Text SING to 70144 to donate £3

6 year old Jaxon was born with congenital heart disease. His story highlights the need for more research.

Heart Research UK

About the campaign

Sing for your Heart is a social media campaign that will see celebrities and the public upload a short video of themselves singing, before nominating up to three friends and donating just £3 for Heart Research UK. Think Ice Bucket Challenge but with singing not freezing cold water!
Heart disease can affect anybody of any age, but with research we are helping people live happier, longer lives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or a bad one, a celebrity or an enthusiastic amateur, Sing for your Heart will get you reminiscing over your favourite songs as well as raise money. Sing, donate and nominate and know that the money you raise will help fund research to help youngsters like Jaxon.

Who we are

Heart Research UK funds pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease with a focus on research which benefits patients as quickly as possible.

We train the experts of tomorrow by funding unique Masterclasses for surgeons to ensure they are trained in the latest pioneering techniques. We also offer Healthy Heart Grants to help communities to live healthier lifestyles and have developed children’s exercise prescriptions to help children who have undergone heart surgery or are living with a heart condition to keep their hearts healthy.


Get involved

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The idea is really simple. We are asking you to ‘Sing, donate and nominate’ to raise awareness of our charity and raise money for the cause.

We would like you to upload a video of yourself singing for Heart Research UK, nominate 3 people to keep the message going; and then donate £3 by texting SING to 70144

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Here’s how to do it

1) Film yourself or you and your friends and family singing the chorus to your favourite song on your phone, tablet or camera

2) Nominate friends and family in your video

3) Post your video to Facebook or Twitter (please tag @heartresearchuk and #singforyourheart) and don’t forget to tag your friends you have nominated in the message

4) Make your donation to Heart Research UK by texting SING to 70144 to automatically donate £3

Tips for your video's success

  • Sing however and whatever you want (as long as it’s no swear words or discriminatory lyrics)
  • Have fun with your nominations, let’s get Mums, Dads, kids, friends, everyone singing for their heart this year
  • Use our suggested copy to make sure your video has the most impact possible: I’m *** and I’m singing for Heart Research UK, I’d like to nominate ***, *** and *** Sing ***, *** and *** it’s over to you!
  • Make yourself a homemade poster with ‘Text SING to 70144 to donate £3 on’ or write it on your hand and hold it up so that everyone knows the number to text to donate
  • Get competitive, get colleagues together and challenge a rival company or supplier, get singing as a group and nominate another choir or group to beat you on style and prowess!


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